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save time



2-4 seconds vs 14 seconds

with a baggage scanning decision support system


less misses



more hits

with a baggage scanning decision support system



less false alarms



more correct rejections

with a baggage scanning decision support system



Baggage scanning decision support system

JOA Scanning Technology develops solutions that significantly improve the speed and quality of the baggage scanning process. International airports make the news too often with long queues and people missing their flights. At the same time, the security threat is increasing.

Our patent pending methodology uses the expertise and intuition of experienced security agents to reduce the risk of missing critical security violations in hand baggage (letting it through), and improve the certainty that checked baggage indeed does not contain threats. And it does all of this in a fraction of the time it takes currently.

The technology

The technology is based on fundamental research done by TNO, the largest contract R&D firm in the Netherlands. Their knowledge on eye-tracking technology has resulted in a visual decision support system that is now patent pending by JOA Scanning Technology.

The method is making use of the operators ‘gaze’, picked up by the eye-tracker, while scanning the security image. Using machine learning models / AI, trained by experts, it instantly recognizes the anomalies picked up by the gaze and classifies the picked-up signal as ‘secure’ or ‘danger’, upon which a further inspection or feedback loop can be done.

investors / partners

We are actively seeking investors / partners in airport security scanning. Interested? Please contact us.

Our partners

About JOA Scanning Technology

JOA Scanning Technology is a JOA Ventures Seed Capital I backed company with an exclusive license from TNO for the commercialization of its eye-tracking technology in the field of baggage and package scanning. Partners (airports, vendors of X-ray / CT scanners) are actively being approached to help further mature the technology.